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New City Church is a group of people who gather together on Sundays to worship Jesus. We grow in knowing, loving & following Jesus as we are informed, inspired and equipped by His Gospel. These same people scatter throughout the week into small to mid-sized groups to advance the gospel as they love, serve & bless the city & each other. Jesus changed the world when he called 12 men to know, love and follow him while he was on a mission to seek & save the lost. Jesus is still on a mission to seek & save the lost, calling people to himself and leading them on a mission. As we follow Jesus together we are like a missionary family. Together we grow in knowledge of Jesus through studying the bible, praying together and helping each other look to Jesus as the Hero of our stories. We grow in love for Jesus as we care for one another in practical ways, expressing generosity and grace. Finally, we obey Jesus and follow him on mission. Together we seek to love, serve and bless the city in practical, helpful ways. We take faith-risks to help people know, love & follow Jesus. City Groups are a major vehicle for discipleship, ministry and leadership development at New City.
Villarreal City  Group
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Take your next step by joining a class. Classes are not just places where you can find content to grow in knowledge. They are a place to connect and belong. Whether you are looking for a bible study or somewhere to learn to better manage finances, we hope New City Church has the right class for you.
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Women's Wednesday Evening Bible Study
Women's Wednesday Morning Bible Study
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